Thursday, February 23, 2006

South Africa: Port Elizabeth & George Marathons

Port Elizabeth was the first Marathon 12th . Out of bed at 3.30am on the bus for 4.30am , race started at 6.00am weather was very hot , course was good ,first 13 miles hilly then farley flat 2nd place 1hr 41 min ….

George Marathon 18th race start 8.00 longer in bed that morning . Long hills takes all the strength out of you , but not steep enough to stop pushing on the way back …
4th place 1hr 44 min ..

Next race LA Marathon 19th March …



Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Down Under 06

Australia 11th to 28th January - Down Under 06

Training camp in Geelong , 1hr from Melbourne , up at 7.00am every morning training on the road then track at 4.00pm . And the sun was out every day .
Move to Sydney on the 23rd for track meet and 10K road race, under the Sydney bridge .Masters division won 3 trophies 1st on track , 1st overall and 1st 10K 23min 12sec best time buy over one min in Sydney .
Next Race February South Africa 2 Marathons

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Clock Tower Race

Head Tattoo Mackie Academy Champions in School 2014

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