Wednesday, July 12, 2006

American Series

3 races in 2 weeks, Long IslandNY 10K, Georgia Cedar Town 5K, Atlanta Peach Tree 10K. Long Island 10K Heavy heavy rain, makes things very difficult to race and uncomfortable for eveybody! 1st place 24 min 01 sec Masters. Cedar Town5K, great weather very fast race organisation and people are fantastic, nothing is a problem. 1st place 11min 48sec Masters. Peach Tree 10K,Very early start! out of bed at 4.30 am, day chairs go to the finish at 5.30 am, race starts at 7.00 am long wait in racing chair; Very fast down hills, very slow up hills, tough race. 1st place 22 min 27 sec Masters.

posted by Kenny Herriot


Clock Tower Race

Head Tattoo Mackie Academy Champions in School 2014

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