Wednesday, September 13, 2006

IPC World Championships Assen 02 - 10 Sept

Selected to represent Great Britain for the 2nd time, which is fantastic over the marathon distance 26 miles.
The weather, lovely and sunny, warm but very windy, flat course, all athletes thought this would be fast and smooth? (wrong) Speed bumps, Cobbles, Cycle paths, Traffic Islands 50 meters from the start. With 54 chairs all sprinting to get a good position, very dangerous, lots of crashes and punctures. I was pushing well and felling very strong in the second packat 9 miles. Came to a small bridgewith a tight right turn, straight into a left turn onto a cycle path, I thought I had got something stuck in my wheel, slowed down to check and relized that the camber had moved, rubbing my wheel against the side guard. So i pushed the chair to the finish line , in 1hr 40 min. It was like having the brake on for 17 miles. (shit happens)

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