Friday, November 10, 2006

The Great South 10 Miles 22nd Oct 06
Japan Oita Marathon 29th Oct 06
New York Marathon 5th Nov 06

The Great South 10 mile Road race Portsmouth:
Hurricane, winds and heavy rain not the best of conditions for racing! 4 miles in I took the lead, 7 miles in I got a flat tyre, but with 3 miles to go I kept pushing thinking I could still win! However, I got caught at 9 miles and had to settle for 2nd place!

Japan Oita Marathon - largest wheelchair marathon in the world – 400 competitors!
The sun was out, but there was a very strong wind. I was with the second pack until 20 miles, but I just wasn’t in good enough shape to keep the pace! Pushed the last 6 miles on my own and finished at 1hr 41 min 32sec - 2mins slower than last year.

New York Marathon - The toughest wheelchair marathon in the world.Bad road surfaces, long hills, steep bridges and very, very fast down hills with right angle turns; topped off with really bad cambers! Really cold, but the sun was out. 50 metres into the race got stuck behind a crash! Eventually got going over the bridge. Caught up with two athletes and we were together for the whole race, but they sat behind me and I did all the work! Finishing in a time of 1hr 52min 16sec - 13 minutes slower than last year!

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Clock Tower Race

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