Monday, May 07, 2007

Italy & Korea , March

Padova Marathon, one of the fastest races of the year! the roads are completely closed and smooth apart from a short distance in the middle and at the end. The dreaded cobles! still not in my best condition, due to my time in hospital 2 mths no training. 1hr 41min.
Flew home on Monday, landing in Aberdeen airport. Expecting to pick up my wheels and chair?(no chair) I was flying to Birmingham to attend a disability Expo for Hollister, on the Tuesday morning. The airline still hadn't found my chair, so i had to take my old chair!
Flew to Seoul from Birmingham on the Thursday, landed on the Friday, raced on the Sunday, flew home on the Monday. Rather a busy eleven days!
Very hot for the race and windy, from year to year you tend to forget how hard these courses are. This was tough! 1hr 48min.
Landed in Aberdeen where they had recoverd my chair.

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