Thursday, January 03, 2008

Las Vegas Marathon Dec 2nd
Las Vegas is such an exciting place to be? Arrived Thursday night, Friday rained all day! Training Saturday getting ready for the race, started 6.00am weather was ok; the strip is closed for the race which is awesome. I was with a Canadian for 8 miles then on my own for the next 18 miles. 1st place, Las Vegas marathon.

Hawaii Honolulu marathon 9th Dec
Great weather for training, but rained at some point every day! The rain was the heaviest that I have ever raced in, flat tyre at 18 miles. Took a while to change with it being so wet, ended up in 5th place…

4th Jan to 31st training on hand cycle in Atlanta

Sorry for the long wait for the racing reports, problems with my computer!

Newcastle Great North half marathon 30th Sept
Fantastic race, the best field of wheelchair athletes the race has
ever seen, which is great for the sport in the UK! Had a good race
48 min.

Oita Marathon Japan 28th Oct
Wheelchair only race, largest wheelchair marathon and half
marathon in the world! This is my 6th year in Oita and my second
fastest time on this course! 1hr 38 min 56 sec

Fly round the world in 11 days and take part in 2 marathons!

New York Marathon 4th Nov
Fantastic organization, the toughest marathon in the world for
wheelchairs! Steep steep bridges, rough road surfaces, pot holes,
sever cambers, Very cold and windy. Everybody found the race extra hard this year, but we love it! 1Hr 53 min.

Next race Las Vegas Marathon 2nd Dec & Honolulu Marathon
Hawaii 9th Dec

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