I spent January in Atlanta and Cedartown....away from the bad weather in Scotland. I was training with Mike Sprouse and Kriger Shabort. I stayed with Mike Sprouse and his wife Debbie. She was a gracious host and took care of me immaculately. While I was there I went to the rodeo to watch bull riding and to a cage fighting event. I also went to the Atlanta Motorbike show, which was awesome.

I flew off to South Africa. The first stop was Durban for the marathon. I had a flat tire at 8 miles. And, another one 3 miles from the finish. I came in 4th place. And, while I was in Durban, I was invited to the sight impaired school. At the school, I spoke and they did a song on the stage and I spent time with the kids. It was a very touching experience. Then, I flew off to George for the next marathon. In addition to the athletic marathon, there was a fun event as part of this marathon for different levels of disabilities. There were over 200 participants from all over South Africa. It is a wonderful yearly opportunity for the kids and their families. Then I spent another week training.....then home.

.....busy hand cycling training and preparing for Land's End to John O' Groats.
April 3rd, I was hand cycling down a cycle lane and a van came out of an opening and crashed into me and left me lying in the street. I sustained 2 broken toes, and damaged a nerve in my thumb. This left me with a splint on my thumb for 6 weeks. So, I could not get back into my racing chair until it had healed. I would like to thank Draft Wheelchairs (my sponsor) for giving me a replacement chair within 36 hours of my accident. Without them the event from Land's End to John O' Groats would not have happened.


...back to Atlanta to train and prepare for Land's End to John O' Groats. However, because I had a replacement chair, I did not want to bring it with me in case in got damaged in transport. So, I trained with Mike Sprouse's old hand cycle....which was a sit up position and totally wrong for me. However, I cycled 650 miles in 15 days!!! In hindsight, it was great preparation in an old cycle.


June 3rd to June 17th......1001 miles in 17 days!!!.....Land's End to John O' Groats......it's all on the website.....
On the 23rd I flew back to Cedartown, Georgia to participate in the 5k. I came in 2nd place in the masters division...which is one of the best races in the world. This race is organized by the most wonderful, incredible, fantastic people!!! And, that is why I am always in Cedartown.

...Peachtree Road Race, 10k...came in 4th place in the masters...and great company and fireworks!!!


...lots of training...and speaking engagements...


....lots of more training...and more speaking engagements...


Atlanta October 4th...back over here to train and again to get away from the weather in Scotland...and organize my next big challenge with the help of Penne English. I will be hand cycling from San Francisco to New York April 27th to June 7th, 2009 (6 weeks...42 days...80 to 85 miles a day....3,500 miles!!!)....all for charity...Cash for Kids in the Northeast of Scotland and Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (a charity for childhood cancer cure) in the United States. I will be hand cycling alone except for Penne English and the driver of the RV which will be riding with me and taking care of me. Penne English will be posting daily blogs with video and photos and the media will be involved in the 16 states that we traverse. Keep an eye out for links to the charities to donate to this amazing worthwhile event.


....more training and speaking engagements.....and planning....and corresponding with contacts for both charities.


I will be in Las Vegas on the 7th. This will be my first marathon on the hand cycle!....I will keep you posted.

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