Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Small Town called Marathon, they must like wheelchairs (wow) Home for 8 weeks RV but not wheelchair friendly, that was a challenge in it's self. Meet some children in Colorado suffering from Cancer, It was very moving!!!! Tortoises on the road, trying to dross the road, not very clever at that speed!!! Penne and I at Niagara Falls, We had the best time.xxxx

59.04 mph in California.... Media covering the story in Virgina..... Alexs Scott Family, wonderful, Fabulous, Generous people.... Big thank you to Kenny who welded my bike back together after the car crashed into me at 60mph, lucky to be alive!!!

Very small map but this is what the terrain was like most of the time. Seemed that I was cycling up hill all the time! The scenery was awesome, every corner you went round there was another mountain to look at.....

Penne English Working hard on the blog she is fantastic

Nevada Road to know where.....

Cycling across America SF to NY 3625 Miles 6Weeks 42 Days
Burned about 5000 calories per day
For Alexs Lemonade Stand Childrens Cancer research

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Clock Tower Race

Head Tattoo Mackie Academy Champions in School 2014

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