Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cyclone Chair



Day chair supplied by Cyclone, John done the welding and work on the chair to make it strong enough to be pulled up and down mountains for charity, watch this space for news on where and when it will all be put to the test!!!!! http://www.cyclonemobility.com/

South Africa Feb, March.




5 weeks training and racing in South Africa, staying in Stellenbosch University. First race OCC marathon George 5th place 5min faster than last year!


Second race the big one, Cape Argus 110 kilometers, 75 miles, 4th place 20 min faster than last year 4hr 21min


Fantastic training, great weather,lovely people....


Flight home from Cape Town, 3 hours late on leaving, missed my connection home, 7 hours to wait until next flight. One of my close friends works in the airport and invited me back to her house to meet her family and dinner!


Thanks so much for that Esther you have a lovely family....


Flying from Amsterdam Dec last year, sat on the tarmak for 4 hours while they closed the airport 3 times, and it just kept snowing!!! eventually taking of....
Spending time with a group of disabled kids from Cave Springs Georgia at the Holiday Inn!!!
2 months training in Cedartown, before leaving for South Africa Feb 20011

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Clock Tower Race

Head Tattoo Mackie Academy Champions in School 2014

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