Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lee and Zak

Spending time with my boys before leaving for Gerogia USA...

Cedartown Georgia

Spent the last 4 weeks in Cedartown Georgia training with Krige Shabort, which is always tuff chasing his tail! Spent time training with Mark Brereton who has designed the Power Pod, to give you that extra push when you hit the big hills...
I was also invited to speak at Cycle Therapy who are my bike sponsor,
There was a young boy called Cade Maynor aged 8 who had his acc at the age of 7.
while swining on a rope attached to a tree, the tree snapped and fell on him which left him para from the chest down.
His Dad brought him along, while speaking with them Cycle Therapy and myself desided that we would raise the money to buy him a hand cycle.
Written by Rome news
Paralyzed hand cyclist and 8-year old boy make connection, if not for what some people would call tragedies, Kenny Herriot and Cade Maynor, years apart in age and born an ocean away from each opther, might have never met.

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Clock Tower Race

Head Tattoo Mackie Academy Champions in School 2014

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